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Begins with Mama and Papa Carter

We are a family owned and operated farm that has been in the blueberry business for over 50 years. Carter Blueberry Farm is a 6 acre blueberry orchard, and maintains as the largest "PICK YOUR OWN" blueberry farm in Fayetteville, NC. The heart and soul of our business is Mama and Papa Carter, and their emphasis on a berry fun experience that yields lots of quality fruit for our customers. 



Carter's "PICK YOUR OWN" Strawberries and Blueberries:  In 1967, Mr. Buck and Ellon Carter started the first "PICK YOUR OWN" strawberry farm in North Carolina. The family friendly pick your own concept was so successful that the Carter's become better known as the "Strawberry King and Queen of Vander."  They had strawberry fields in Vander, Raleigh, and Durham. Three years later, they planted blueberries. In 1970, Mr. Buck and Ellon Carter planted 8 acres, or 3500 blueberry plants that continue to thrive and produce delicious fruit.  However in 2004, the blueberry orchard was reduced to 6 acres, or 2000 plants to improve operational efficiency.  

With much success and accomplishment: Mama and Papa Carter retired from strawberry Farming in 1993, and blueberries in 2007.  We continue to grow our blueberries in tribute to Mr. Buck and Ellon Carter, their legacy continues as we work to serve our customers with the best blueberry picking experience in North Carolina.  

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